The Story So Far


I’m so excited to be doing this blog at last, it’s been such a long time coming and I’ve finally kicked my bum into gear! I wanted to spend some proper time on my website and store so that everything that is me has a lovely little home.

So so so much has happened in the last year or so, I’ve gone from being a touring music photographer and creative director for The Hunna (my second family and two godfathers to little baby T) - to growing a beautiful little baby, becoming a new mummy and now slowly starting to dip my toe back in the creative world.

Our world changed forever on the 3rd of August last year and we’ve been pinching ourselves ever since - if only just to stay awake (the sleepless nights are no joke!).

Amongst all of this lovely baby mushy stuff though, the last year came with some unexpected lows as I ended up fighting a battle that even I wouldn’t believe if I could have pre-warned myself. I don’t like to dwell on anything negative, but I want to talk briefly about my experience with High Time Records. I’ve let it go pretty much unaddressed up to now, but I feel like it’s a pivotal part of my story last year. I want to take control of it at least feel like I’ve stood up for myself as best I can.

The truth of it is that in Summer 2018, at 8 months pregnant, I was left without any pay or support whatsoever by the record label High Time. New rented flat, big baby bump, so many ideas of all the things I wanted to buy for this little bean we were waiting on; and all of a sudden I was left in the most stressful situation without the salary that I was promised; High Time were not even paying me the basic Statutory Maternity Pay that I was due. I have since found out that there has been a previous case in the past here involving a pregnant woman with another of the CEO’s previous companies.

My maternity leave had not even properly been registered by High Time to the powers that be, so I was left without even my basic government maternity pay - which I am still currently going through the process of trying to receive 9 months after his birth.

Four years ago I became the third ever employee of the new label and threw my whole self completely into the role. Everything that was negative about High Time was always counteracted by the fact that I was doing what I loved with the amazing Hunna boys, and eventually being a part of their journey and being so passionate about them was the only reason why most of us put up with some of the things that went on behind the scenes. I was mortified to be associated with High Time when employees and fans were getting repeatedly let down and the company started getting a reputation in the industry for not paying people. I know my story is just one of so many High Time casualties who have their own stories to tell.

For me, what it comes down to is that I really and truly worked my arse off for the company. I earned the right to my pay, let alone my maternity pay.

‘Isn’t that illegal?!’ There just don’t seem to be any repercussions. It’s the strangest thing. There doesn’t appear to be much out there to protect pregnant women when it comes to maternity pay, and the reality is that at 9 months pregnant or in the months to follow with a new born baby, I could not have physically gone and dusted myself off and got a new job to make ends meet. For some reason the company has yet to be put into administration and I am still technically an employee, they have done nothing to help me or any other High Timers in this whole process.

Beyond all of this complete madness, I am reminded of how seriously lucky I am. Someone else could have been left in a much worse position. Sharing these low moments and worries has seen me through, and If I didn’t have my family and boyfriend to support me I don’t know where I’d be. The Hunna boys and extended Hunna family have been amazing as they always are and we are all so proud of them for taking a stand. Being willing to fight for what they deserve has inspired me no end! The future seems scary at the moment, but good will always win in the end <3

My ambition to be a powerhouse in my own right has been restored and I’m a woman on a mission to be my own boss! Kick all that icky negative stuff to the curb now. It’s time to be positive and focus on conquering all my goals so that I can give my little baby boy everything he deserves in life.

‘I’m a new woman in a new chapter of my life and I’m not even trying to be the woman I was. Isn’t it beautiful that having babies can do that To you’ - Beyoncé

I hope you love my new website/blog as much as I do! I’m excited to start talking to some badass women and finding out more about how they do what they do. Feel free to leave a comment I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback <3

Katy x